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Aspiring editor & Director of things Effeno Means: Failures Not an Option. F.Y.I

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When im drunk

When im drunk i tend to thunk,
I mean i think,
nevermind i thought,
And i thought hard.

Dennis & Dee spittin the truth #fame

You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?

— George Bernard Shaw, Back to Methuselah (via kushandwizdom)

Put The Gun Down ( hip hop )

Positive / Trippy / New Music Video

A Bus Thought

Staring out the window of this crowded bus and all i see is us.
We are all one of the same. There is no me, nor you. Just us…

#love #maryjane

My #wcw is my love and passion for producing #visualart #film #directing #musicvideos #videoproducer #action #cut #LiveYourDreams

Once this render is done the edit of my first short film will b complete and it will be off to my music composer for the final music production!! #comingsoon #shortfilm A STORY OF MURDER & LOVE

If yu walking behind me you’ll see this #ceasefire #stopkillingpeople Check my new vid #PutTheGunDown ( ) I aim to be a positive entity in this crazy world

My Newest production!

Build Your Dreams

Ask yourself this question : “When the economic system fails, will we know how to behave, how to act, how to appreciate, how to value, how to survive, how to be and how to love in a world that no longer defines relations by money?”

— by Fleet & Lasn

My first short film is almost there guys just gotta film two more scenes!! #AStoryOfMurderAndLove

That sure looks like me wit shades on wit a happy smile lol #unintentional #beersweat #stain

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